Kubota signs agreement with Toda Kogyo to acquire water treatment engineering business

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Kubota signs agreement with Toda Kogyo to acquire water treatment engineering business

Greentech Lead Asia: Kubota, a water treatment company,
has entered into an agreement with Toda Kogyo and Fujikasui Engineering to
acquire the water treatment engineering business.

Under the agreement Kubota will acquire all of the
outstanding shares of a new company to which Fujikasui will transfer its
ongoing business except for that relating to China.

Kubota has been engaged in the water-related business and
been expanding such business to contribute to a safe water supply, reclamation
of water resources, and improvement of water environment, with the mission to
solve global water problems.

The transaction will help Kubota expand its water
treatment business in terms of both business area and geographic coverage.

Domestically, Kubota’s business base will be strengthened
by adding the Company’s technologies and know-how in industrial wastewater
treatment to Kubota’s long accumulated experience and expertise in engineering,
construction and maintenance in municipal water and sewage treatment business.

Recently, Kubota has been developing a platform for its
water treatment business in rapidly growing Asian regions to help improve water
environments and contribute to the development of a sustainable recycling

Fujikasui has also long been involved in the environmental
engineering business, including industrial wastewater treatment, in Japan and
other Asian countries.

In Asian countries, the combination of Kubota’s products,
such as MBR (Membrane Bio-Reactor: Water treatment process by the combination
of a membrane process with a bioreactor) and Johkasou (Sewage treatment tank),
and the Company’s engineering footholds, will enable Kubota to accelerate its
business expansion in the region.

Kubota also believes the strengthened business platform
will lead to a broader range of engineering sites for water treatment, which
will then stimulate Kubota’s technological development in the course of meeting
the variety of needs in such engineering sites.

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