Lady Gaga announces PSA with Save Our Water initiatives

Lady Gaga has released a Public Service Announcement (PSA), in partnership with the State of California’s drought awareness program ‘Save Our Water’ asking Californians to join the effort and take extraordinary measures to save water during the drought.

The Lady Gaga PSA also marks the launch of a new public awareness campaign from Save Our Water urging Californians to join the effort to undertake conservation efforts.

In an initiative, the first creative from the campaign stresses that ‘Brown is the New Green’ and asks Californians to let their lawn go brown by cutting back watering to twice a month.

Soon, Save Our Water will release campaign materials including digital and social media ads, lawn signs, billboards and radio ads.

Mark Cowin, director, Department of Water Resources, California, said, “Lady Gaga has joined the effort to Save Our Water and in this drought we must take extraordinary measures to save water.”

Save Our Water’s campaign comes as the State Water Resources Control Board decided to adopt water conservation measures for users, including limitation on outdoor irrigation, washing hardscapes and sidewalks and using hoses without nozzles.

Tim Quinn, executive director, Association of California Water Agencies, stated, “This is no ordinary drought and in this campaign with spokespeople like Lady Gaga, each Californian can be reached with the message of conservation.”

In conclusion, Save Our Water connects Californians with daily drought tips and news. Save Our Water’s Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram also provide water conservation resources for Californians.

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