LightManufacturing unveils new Solar Thermal molding System

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LightManufacturing unveils new Solar Thermal molding System

By Greentech Lead America: LightManufacturing has introduced
its new solar rotomolding system(SRM) that uses solar energy to mold plastic
products sustainably and cheaply.

LightManufacturing’s system consists of specially designed
heliostats (sun-tracking mirrors) that aim sunlight at low-cost molding
armatures. SRM systems operate entirely “off-grid,” requiring no
outside electricity or fuel.

Traditional rotomolding requires massive, expensive
machinery, and large natural gas heated ovens. The process emits more than two
billion pounds of greenhouse pollution annually. Energy to fire the ovens
contributes up to 30 percent of the total cost to make rotomolded products.

LightManufacturing’s systems use the sun’s heat to make
rotomold products at significantly reduced costs and with zero carbon
emissions. The system will also mold recycled plastic and sustainable
bio-plastics just as well as oil-based plastics.

The company also developed a new type of low-cost heliostat,
which replaces expensive glass mirrors with thin reflective plastic stretched
flat like the head of a drum.

LightManufacturing plans to bring solar thermal-powered
technology to other industrial manufacturing processes, such as injection
molding, blow molding, agricultural applications, and more.

“I can’t think of another process like it. When’s the
last time you heard of a solar solution that’s cheap to buy and operate, solves
environmental problems, doesn’t depend on subsidies, and makes the market more
competitive?” said Karl von Kries, LightManufacturing CEO.

The firm plans to ship the ready-to-use solar rotational
molding systems and heliostats to customers by August 2012.

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