Major Corporations Turning to E-waste as Mineral Prices Explode: GTSO

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Major Corporations Turning to E-waste as Mineral Prices Explode: GTSO

Greentech Lead America: GTSO Resources, the mining
subsidiary of Green Technology Solutions, said that the major international corporations
are investing heavily in e-waste recycling to recollect expensive minerals.

International corporations such as Waste
Management, Sprint Nextel, Cisco
Systems and more are focusing in e-waste recycling as mineral prices
soar worldwide.

E-waste recycling has a tremendous impact on these
companies’ bottom line. Sprint’s cell phone recycling programs have
helped the company avoid over $1 billion in cost.

“Even massive corporations are waking up to the fact
that the computers and electronics that we throw out after two or three years
contain a lot of minerals that are simply too valuable to end up in a
landfill,” said GTSO CEO Paul Watson.

“Mobile devices such as Apple  iPads and
iPhones contain tungsten, lithium, gold and other minerals that are growing
scarcer and more expensive by the day. There are billions of dollars in
minerals locked up in old, unwanted electronics right now, and the race is on
to dig them out,” added Watson.

As GTSO pursues exciting new urban mining opportunities
both in the U.S. and in developing nations, other small companies are already
profiting from the e-cycling boom.

GTSO plans to implement an aggressive strategy to expand
e-waste recycling and urban mining globally.

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