Mangano unveils storm water management initiative

Nassau County Executive Edward P. Mangano and Legislator Donald MacKenzie announced the installation of a storm water treatment technology.

This will help in reducing the amount of pollutants and debris in waterways and beaches that are carried to the waters through storm water drain pipes.

The technology is manufactured by AbTech, a firm specialized in the development of storm water treatment technologies.

Storm water runoff is a health hazard with regard to the quality of waterways and beaches. This new initiative helps to protect the environment as it remove debris and pollutants before they enter the waterways, said County Executive Mangano.

Under the program, Smart Sponge Plus, an anti-microbial storm water treatment technology will be fitted on a designated outfall pipe in Bay Park.  This will remove sediment, nutrients, pathogens, petroleum compounds and floatable debris present in water.

This technology will also strengthen infrastructure, add resiliency, reduce beach contamination, and engineer outfalls to mitigate backflow and flooding.

Not long ago, Nassau County has faced storms creating tidal surges resulting in backflow throughout storm drains.  This backflow has carried pollution to beaches and waterways.

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