Marine Exploration acquires Atmospheric Water Solutions

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Marine Exploration acquires Atmospheric Water Solutions

Greentech Lead America: Marine Exploration has acquired
Atmospheric Water Solutions (AWS).

The acquisition includes water making technology,
inventory, and a distribution center.

Atmospheric Water Solutions uses its licensed atmospheric
water generator (AWG) technology to produce pure water from the air.

Atmospheric Water Solution’s products will generate
revenue for Marine Exploration as the company enhances its growth strategy.

Based on relative humidity of 30 percent or more, the
Atmospheric Generators are capable of producing 3-5 gallons per day for the
home or office, up to 1000 gallons as a mobile unit, and up to 5000 gallons of
pure clinical grade water as a plant-based operation.

These products will be offered for preview to the armed
forces, emergency relief agencies such as FEMA, school systems and both large
and small businesses, commencing in May.

“AWS, now our fully owned subsidiary, will be run by
its current CEO Howard Ullman who holds the patents on the technology. Ullman
served as the CEO, president and chairman of the Board at CHDT where he grew
sales for the company from $720,000 to more than $10 million under his
leadership,” said Marine Exploration CEO Mark Goldberg.

This acquisition of AWS enhances its previous business
model to increase the shareholder value of Marine Exploration through

“I view this as the perfect fit given Marine’s well
versed Board of Directors, management and international diplomatic
associations. Given both companies are based in Florida, and Marine has a huge
presence in the Caribbean and other humid regions, this will prove to be an
ideal ‘target market’ for our patented technology,” said AWS CEO Howard

AWS offers solutions for homes, and commercial
businesses, and bottling operations by manufacturing pure drinking water from
the air using the process of condensation, filtration, and ultraviolet light
resulting in the purest water.

The company intends to legally enforce its proprietary
rights on existing products, especially as it rolls out new technologies in
coming months, like its 100 percent solar solution to produce up to 100 gallons
of pure water per day.

AWS is currently reviewing requests for additional
domestic and international distributorships. Product sales figures and revenues
shall be forthcoming.

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