Mitsubishi signs pact with PUB on waste water recycling in Singapore

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Mitsubishi signs pact with PUB on waste water recycling in Singapore

Greentech Lead Asia: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI)
and PUB, Singapore’s national water agency, have inked an agreement for
conducting research and development on integrated water infrastructure system for
used water treatment and reclamation.

“At PUB, we are constantly pushing the frontiers in
water technology development and we are very happy to partner MHI on this
project to optimize the efficiency of used water treatment. Together with
industrial water solutions and intelligent Water Management Systems, the
water-waste-energy nexus are three new research areas that we are focusing on
to further grow Singapore’s water industry,” said Chew Men Leong, chief
executive of PUB.

Mitsubishi will build a test-bedding project at PUB’s
Jurong Water Reclamation Plant. MHI Industrial Engineering & Services
(MIES), MHI’s Singapore-based subsidiary, will build and operate the
test-bedding plant. The construction of the project is expected to complete by
the third quarter of 2013, followed by one-year trial and testing.
MIES will incorporate a total system using the company’s fully-integrated water
solutions technologies for industrial wastewater and water recycling to achieve
high water recovery ratios over a long-term. MIES will utilize high-speed
Sedimentation equipment and leading-edge technologies in the new plant to
minimize plant space and maximize energy conservation.
“In this test-bedding plant, we intend to take in untreated industrial used
water and target a higher recovery. Using the knowhow and technologies to be
verified, we will develop and commercialize compact, high-performing and
cost-saving plants to achieve Integrated Water Infrastructure Systems that are
suitable for Smart Communities all over the world,” said Takato Nishizawa,
representative director and executive vice president of Mitsubishi
Heavy Industries.

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