Rochester Hills awarded $2 m for water conservation

Rochester Hills DPS recently announced the award from the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, to examine the wastewater and storm water systems in future.

The infrastructure will get a preventative check-up from the $2 million grant from the state.

It’s a proactive approach according to Department of Public Services authorities.

Rochester Hills officials have decided nearly $450,000 to qualify for the funds and the city received the full amount allowed by the program.

It is a very sizable grant for a 20-percent contribution and the projects will involve the recording of video at water collection areas where issues have been suspected.


The city has three years to use the funds and the DPS is in the process of determining the scope of the projects.

Work related to the grant will begin later this year. The grant comes from the state’s Storm water, Asset Management and Wastewater program.

In addition to the detailed analysis of the infrastructure, the DPS is expected to develop a storm water management plan.

The city of 32 square miles contains 320 miles of sanitary sewer and 420 miles of water main. Rochester Hills was one of 116 municipalities to receive a share of the funding.

The grant program was developed to accelerate statewide use of asset management planning practices and to improve water quality.

Recently, the Rochester Hills DPS was recognized as one of the best in the nation. The city was also named one of the best small cities in the nation in which to live.

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