Skywell launches air water technology in S California

Skywell, the water technology company based in Los Angeles is launching a series of products that create air water, a new source of water for business and office communities throughout Southern California.

The product will be launched in Orange County, Los Angeles, Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties, in the midst of a worst drought in history.

Skywell will be displaying three models of air water dispensers as part of its Southern California launch. The Skywell 5T features an interactive touch screen with programmable features designed for office use.

The Skywell 100P and Skywell 100N are high-capacity units designed for potable and non-potable usage. Skywell is planning to spread its air water technology to U.S by 2015.

Skywell’s founders are using advanced air water technology with the mission of changing the traditional concept about drinking water. The vision is to provide an environmentally friendly, healthy alternative to conventional sources of drinking water.


The technology and design behind Skywell is revolutionary for the drinking-water segment and for the water challenges facing the communities. People can create own drinking water without the need for plumbing, pipes and plastic bottles at a low cost, said, Ron Dorfman, CEO, co-founder, Skywell.

The Skywell technology takes required amount of air into the unit where it undergoes a process forming moisture which is collected and purified using a multi-filter process as well as ultraviolet and ozone treatment before storage and consumption.

The Skywell apparatus requires an electrical outlet to operate and sits on four wheels so that it can be placed anywhere.

The Skywell 5T features a high-resolution, interactive touch screen that displays water-temperature, water facts, and stored volume. It gives out hot water and cold water with customizable temperature settings of 190-200 degrees F _37 degrees F.

The technology was first introduced in Southern California because of the water scarcity and quality that will pose challenges in the future, said, Jonathan Carson, president and co-founder, Skywell.

Sharing of Skywell’s technology as a solution for water scarcity will be an irresistible issue on global level, continued Carson.

The Skywell team is appreciated for applying their entrepreneurial skills to making a positive impact on the environment and communities.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), half of the world’s population will not have access to clean drinking water by 2025.

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