Spectra Watermakers set up desalination plant in Marshall Islands

Spectra Watermakers has begun the operation of region’s second permanent solar and wind-powered water desalination plant in Kili, Marshall Islands.

Earlier this year, a similar plant was installed on Utrik near Kili, a region that has been suffering years-long drought.

Tom Vance of Moana Marine installed two Spectra LB-2800 reverse osmosis desalination systems, which convert sea water into 5600 gallons per day of clean, EPA-approved drinking water.

Spectra Watermakers Kili youth

Before the installation, Kili residents suffered from drought and polluted ground water, which had to be boiled before drinking.

Typically, desalinating plants of this size are powered by diesel generator. Spectra desalination system uses solar and wind power for the whole plant, saving money in fuel costs annually.

Moreover, due to expensive fuel and unreliable supplies caused by seasonal rough seas, alternative energy-powered systems are the only way to ensure a consistent, affordable water supply.

Spectra adopt branded energy-recovery pumps that ensure an energy-efficient, continuous water supply in a cost efficient manner using clean energy resources.

These two installations pose a role model for drought preparedness and sustainable water production in the Pacific Island region.

Sabeena Wahid
[email protected]