Tri-Tech Holding to provide water conservation irrigation systems for a Township in Xinjiang

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Tri-Tech Holding to provide water conservation irrigation systems for a Township in Xinjiang

Greentech Lead Asia: Tri-Tech Holding, a provider of
turn-key water resources management, water and wastewater treatment, has
received a water conservation irrigation contract for a forage cultivation
project in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, China. The project is undertaken
by the Water Resources Management Administration of Buerjin County.

Total worth of the contract is $1.3 million and the
project is scheduled to complete by the middle of November 2012. Tri-Tech will
provide the Township of Yelaman with four sets of water conservation irrigation
systems for a new irrigation area covering 625 hectares. The irrigation systems
will be used for development and cultivation of forage land. 
Tri-Tech will
provide the civil construction, procurement of pipes and fittings, installation
and trial operation of the systems.

“The Yelaman water conservation irrigation project
is another successful initiative in the agricultural water resources
infrastructure field in Xinjiang following the Yelaman BOOST municipal
infrastructure project we received last year. The project will expand Yelaman’s
forage cultivation area and improve the efficiency of agricultural irrigation,
which will benefit the development of animal farming in the area,” said Gavin
Cheng, the joint CEO of Tri-Tech Holding.

China will spend RMB 20 billion on funding
high-efficiency water conservation irrigation initiatives during the 12th Five
Year Plan period. North China will prioritize development of efficient water
conservation irrigation with typical models such as drip irrigation, sprinkler
irrigation and micro-irrigation. Tri-Tech will continue to leverage its
advantages to pursue more business in the sector.

Tri-Tech Holding wins $1.59 Million software systems
contracts in Beijing

Tri-Tech Holding recently secured contracts to develop
core software systems for flash flood early warning and forecast projects in
Beijing. The contracts, signed by Tri-Tech’s affiliate, Beijing Yanyu Water
Tech Co. Ltd., totaled approximately $1.59 million (approximately RMB9.98

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