United Utilities device a power control system for water supply

United Utilities has developed new system to adjust its energy demand that will balance the national grid, saving around £5 million.

It has introduced a power-managing equipment on the site to switch off or on in response to changes in electricity supply and demand nationwide.

Water and wastewater treatment is a really energy intensive process, as power is one of the factor for biggest operating costs. This can be managed by using less power and being willing to be flexible in the way of using that power, said, Andy Pennick, energy manager, United Utilities said.

United Utilities has made trial test of the plan at three sites including Bolton wastewater treatment works.

It is now getting launched across North West operations with 10MW set that will be available over the next 12 months.

In next five years, the company will have a total of 50MW capacity to be supplied to National Grid, that will reduce carbon emissions by 100,000 tonnes a year.

It is the first company in the North West and the first water firm in the country to sign-up for Dynamic Demand, Open Energi, the firm managing the technology.

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