United Water to manage wastewater system for Nassau County

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United Water, providers of water and wastewater services has signed an agreement with Nassau County officials to manage wastewater treatment plants, pumping stations and sewers.

The system manages the sewage from 1.2 million people and treats it before disposing into environmentally sensitive estuaries.

According to a 20 year contract, United Water will operate, manage and maintain these utilities of the country.

United Water, a subsidiary of SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT will be responsible for a public-private partnership in United States with a value of more than $1.2 billion.

Nassau County also plans to invest more than $830 million in the sewer system over the next several years.

The County will make the investment with the back- up from a grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to fix damages formed by Hurricane Sandy in 2012.


United Water will provide technology and management expertise to improve the operating efficiency and performance based on environmental standards.

They will pay attention to clean discharges according to New York State Environmental Protection Department standards and eliminate odors from the Bay Park, Cedar Creek and the Glen Cove sewage treatment plants.

In addition, United Water will introduce a unique performance transparency by posting live videos from facilities and outflow pipes along with operational data on its web site.

The Nassau project represents a milestone for industry, proving ability to deliver professional resource management services on a project of this scale. It also demonstrates another dimension to the flexibility and ability to create a bridge that connects expertise to meet municipal needs throughout North America, said, Bertrand Camus, CEO, United Water, SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT North America.

United Water has been entrusted with water supplies and sanitary sewage systems in Municipalities across the country. Every day billions of gallons of water is treated safely and effectively bringing operational savings to consumers, added, Camus.

This partnership aims to improve the County’s ability to protect environment, health and well-being of residents. Together with United Water, advances in environmental protection, odor control, management efficiencies and plant aesthetics can be implemented. Furthermore, this effort permits a more effective management of the plants and sewage system following government’s investment in storm hardening of the infrastructure, said, Edward P. Mangano, Nassau County Executive.

Throughout the duration of contract, United Water guarantees a cost savings of more than $230 million. More than half the savings derive from operational efficiencies and others such as reducing energy consumption, chemical use, sludge generation, disposal costs and strengthened with technology to manage operations benefits the County.

The partnership is encouraged by environmental advocacy groups including Operation SPLASH, the Point Lookout Civic Association, the Nature Conservancy on Long Island, Concerned Citizens for the Environment, Sludge Stoppers Taskforce and the New York League of Conservation Voters.

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