Water management a top environmental concern related to fracking, says Ecologix

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Water management a top environmental concern related to fracking, says Ecologix

Greentech Lead U.S: Water management can play an
important role in industry perceptions of hydraulic fracturing — also known as
“fracking,” according to a recent survey conducted by Ecologix Environmental

Ecologix manufactures wastewater treatment technologies
that can be used to treat frac water.

The survey was carried out to identify top environmental
concerns related to fracking. The results showed water to be the predominant
issue, with 72-percent of respondents stating that water-related environmental
problems were their top concern.

Two other environmental concerns often cited with
fracking, unknown chemical makeup of fracking fluids and lack of industry
oversight, were cited as the top concern by 19 percent and 9 percent of
respondents, respectively.

“Our survey gives a good initial perspective on why the
energy industry can and should place more emphasis on water treatment,” said
Eli Gruber, president and CEO, Ecologix Environmental Systems. “The
introduction of new, more-advanced water treatment solutions opens the door to
a more balanced discussion about fracking’s potential energy and economic

Energy companies can address the undue stress fracking
places on communities and water resources by properly treating frac flowback
and produced water on-site.

Ecologix offers advanced systems like the Integrated
Treatment Solution (ITS), a well-side water treat system, which can process up
to 900 gallons per minute. Wastewater treated with the ITS can be reused in
future fracking operations or released back into the environment, reducing
fracking’s overall environmental impact.

High-volume, on-site water treatment significantly
reduces drillers’ water transportation needs, eliminating the time and
resources needed to haul millions of gallons of untreated water to disposal

Recently Ecologix Environmental Systems implemented its
new, pre-fabricated Zeo-Clear wastewater treatment system at a mining camp for
Chevron Mining, a subsidiary of Chevron.

The Zeo-Clear Zeo 20 system will treat up to 15,000
gallons of sewage per day for remote camp at Chevron Mining’s Questa, New
Mexico mining camp.

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