Water management firm Tri-Tech to distribute Rubicon Total Channel Control systems in China

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Water management firm Tri-Tech to distribute Rubicon Total Channel Control systems in China

Greentech Lead China: Tri-Tech Holding, a provider
of water resources management, water and wastewater treatment, industrial
safety and pollution control solutions, has formed a strategic partnership
agreement with Australian irrigation solution provider, Rubicon Global and its
affiliate Rubicon Water System (Tianjin) for initial term of three years.

Under this agreement, Tri-Tech will act as the exclusive
distributor of Rubicon’s Total Channel Control (TCC) products, which target the
open irrigation channel market in China. Tri-Tech will undertake business
development, marketing promotion, sales, project management and technical
support for the TCC products. Rubicon will provide Tri-Tech with project
support, product training and training for customers and potential customers
for the whole set of TCC products.

TCC, an automatically-controlled irrigation system with
networking communication, uses photovoltaic power to manage on demand water
distribution with stable water volume flow. Compared with the traditional
irrigation systems, the TCC system reduces water use and cost and offers a
variety of functions, including indicating historic water levels, and
identifying irrigation times. These features combine to increase productivity
and reduce crop mortality caused by water logging.

Rubicon’s TCC system has been deployed in more than a
dozen countries, including the United
States, Canada and Australia.

Rubicon’s CEO, Mr. Bruce Rodgerson, said, “With
Tri-Tech’s ten years of experience in China, wide business coverage, well
developed customer relationships, and mature sales and marketing networking, we
expect our cooperation with Tri-Tech will position us well for all-around
expansion in China. All of these factors led us to choose Tri-Tech as a
strategic partner.”

Chinese government will devote resources to developing
existing middle- and large-scale irrigation districts, and renewing
water-saving and pump station facilities.

By 2015, China will equip the facilities and
complete water-saving tasks for 190 large-sized irrigation districts and 800
middle-sized irrigation districts and begin water-efficiency retrofits in 1,500
middle-sized irrigation districts. By 2020, the upgrading projects will be
generally completed in large-scale irrigation districts and key middle-scale
irrigation districts.

“Given the Chinese government’s support for information
technologies in irrigation, water-efficiency irrigation projects and upgrading
agricultural water infrastructure information systems, we believe that the
application of TCC system in domestic irrigation districts has great potential
to meet market needs,” said Gavin Cheng , Joint CEO of Tri-Tech.

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