ABB launches most powerful underground power cables

ABB has announced the launch of a 525kV super-fast DC cable that can transfer electricity over long distances at the Huntersville Plant.

This cable sets a world record for extruded HVDC cable technology, doubling power flow and extending range to enable integration of distant renewables and interconnections.

The new technology offers a 64 percent increase over 320 kV, currently the highest voltage deployed for this type of systems.

The super-fast cables can transmit up to 2.6 GW of power even up to distances of 1,500 Km up from less than 1,000 km.

The technology is beneficial as instead of constructing power plants near cities, the cable will allow electricity to be traveled from distant renewable sources.

The produced power will be enough for two million homes, or will meet the electricity demands of Paris, confirmed, ABB official sources.

If more power is transmitted through underground cables, it will be easier to transmit electricity through environmentally-protected areas and reduce the need for overhead power lines, said, Claes Rytoft, chief technology officer, ABB.

In addition, the new cable system, which uses a polyethylene insulation material, can be deployed underground or beneath the sea, will encourage customers to invest in more renewable energy projects due to lower installation costs.

Besides, these cables offer savings in capital as well as operational expenses.

This new technology will be a stepping stone towards a multi-billion dollar market for DC grids, hopes ABB team.

The 525 kV terminations are inspired by ABB’s high-voltage bushing technology.

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