Aeris Energy Extends Wind Blade Manufacturing Contract with Vestas

By Editor


Aeris Energy, a prominent player in the wind blade manufacturing sector in Latin America, has renewed its contract with Denmark’s Vestas, until 2028.

This extension encompasses a substantial augmentation in the potential supply of wind blades across various models, equating to a capacity of 8.8 gigawatts. This surge follows the renegotiation of contracted volumes for 2024.

Aeris anticipates that this strategic move will result in a substantial boost to their revenues, with a projected net increase of up to R$7.6 billion expected by the end of 2028, Alexandre Negrao, CEO of Aeris, said.

According to Lazard’s Levelized Cost of Energy Analysis and IRENA’s Future of Wind (2019), the demand for wind energy is projected to witness a 20 percent upswing in the forthcoming years globally, with an ambitious target of doubling installed capacity by 2030.

The alliance between Aeris and Vestas dates back to 2015, with the initial announcement paving the way for a successful collaboration. Over the years, Aeris has delivered wind blades, contributing to a remarkable power output exceeding 8.5 gigawatts.

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