Asahi Kasei Plastics provides materials to develop new low cost wind turbine

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Asahi Kasei Plastics provides materials to  develop new low cost wind turbine

Greentech Lead America: Asahi Kasei Plastics, a
subsidiary of Asahi Kasei Chemicals and the glass reinforced polypropylene
manufacturer, announced that it is cooperating with   Unified
Energies International, in the development of the “Windstrument” wind

Unified Energies claims that the Windstrument is an
affordable, quiet and powerful, bird safe, scalable wind turbine system. Asahi
Kasei Plastics will provide materials and plastics application development
expertise that will facilitate Windstrument commercial production.

Windstrument was developed for both residential use and
utility scale projects including entire communities, neighborhoods or
agricultural groups coming together on a project basis to generate their own
local power.

“The development goal of Windstrument was achieved
using best practices in design, materials and manufacturing resulting in a
truly affordable wind energy system,” said Clay Clark, lead developer of
the Windstrument.

Inspired by nature, the Windstrument’s blade has been
designed in a conical helicoid pattern. These natural dynamics allow for bird safe,
human safe continuous power generation at lower heights and in structurally
busy urban environments.

“The Windstrument gives consumers, businesses and
industry an on-site reliable power source that is safe and renewable at a lower
cost than Coal or other Fuel Produced energy,” said Willis C. Dunham,
project director at Unified Energies.

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