BP starts commercial operations at west Texas wind farm


BP starts commercial operations at west Texas wind farm

By Greentech Lead Team: British energy company BP has
started commercial operations at a 60-turbine wind farm in west Texas.

BP Wind Energy joined state and local officials in a
ceremony to start commercial operations at the Sherbino 2 wind farm.

“Renewable energy projects would reduce the dependency on
fossil fuels in a cost-effective way. We can create a lot of energy right here
in Texas and projects like the Sherbino 2 wind farm will ensure that we don’t
miss opportunities to make America more energy independent,” said U.S.
Rep. Francisco Canseco, R-Texas,.

BP estimates the 60-turbine wind farm, on a 20,000-acre
site in Pecos County, can generate enough electricity to meet the demands of
45,000 homes, according to a report in UPI.

“There were significant economic benefits in the domestic
wind energy sector,” said John Graham, president and chief executive officer at
BP Wind Energy.

“Texas is a leader in promoting renewable power
generation and this aligns well with BP’s commitment to produce essential sources
of energy and provide cost-competitive power to our customers,” Graham

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