Broadwind Energy secures wind tower deal worth $34M in the U.S

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Broadwind Energy has announced $34 million deal for a new tower project from a U.S. wind turbine manufacturer.

The projects will be carried out in its Manitowoc, WI facility.

Around two thirds of company’s tower production capacity is sold for the year 2015 with this single project, Broadwind Energy said.

Final stage discussions are in progress to engage the remaining 2015 capacity along with further commitments that extend into 2016 and beyond. The group is confident about the market for wind energy demands in the U.S, said Peter Duprey, president, CEO, Broadwind.

Broadwind Energy offers integrated solutions for customers in the energy and infrastructure markets.

In a recent development, Broadwind Energy announced an $8 million gearing order to be produced by its Brad Foote Gear Works, its subsidiary, for 2015 delivery.

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