Building Turbines issued additional patent on rooftop wind turbine systems

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Building Turbines issued additional patent on rooftop wind turbine systems

Greentech Lead U.S: Building Turbines has been issued a
new patent for its rooftop wind turbine systems by The United States Patent and
Trademark Office (USPTO).

The new patent #8,257,020 expands on several important
elements from the company’s first patent, and will the enhance efficiency,
safety, life span, and cost reductions in manufacturing, which are all key
considerations for the planned broad scale deployment of wind turbine systems
on commercial rooftops; such as office and retail buildings and condominiums.

Commenting on this development Mark L. Berrier, patent
attorney and intellectual property counsel for Building Turbines added,
“There is a great deal of prior art in the renewable energy field,
particularly relating to wind energy. I am gratified that we were able to
work with Building Turbines to obtain a patent on their technology in this
highly competitive field.”

Building Turbines continues working closely with the
Austin Green Energy Group (AGEG), The University of Texas (UT) Engineering
Schools, along with other Texas Universities in Research and Development
studies to optimize the efficiency of the mechanical and aerodynamic features
of their turbine design, while focusing on reducing production and installation

In the last joint R&D study with UT four scale models
were wind tested. The results proved that power output could be greatly
enhanced with slight design modifications to the original turbine design, in
accordance to the latest patent.

“The goal of the Austin Green Energy Group was to
increase power output by at least 30 percent; the goal of reducing costs by 40
percent as well may be accomplished in the current AGEG and University
collaborative R&D studies,” said Bernie Johnson, AGEG president &
CEO. “Those results will be released in the near future.”

“This is great news for Building Turbines, our
investors, and our shareholders,” said John F. Graham Sr., CEO, Building
Turbines, Inc. “We couldn’t be more pleased that the Patent Office
has allowed all 17 claims from the patent application, and we are especially
pleased with the work from our research teams and legal counsel.”

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