Cadmus unveils Distributed Wind Site Analysis Tool for wind energy projects

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Cadmus unveils Distributed Wind Site Analysis Tool for wind energy projects

GreenTech Lead Team:
Cadmus Group introduced The Distributed Wind
Site Analysis Tool (DSAT) to help companies choose the most effective site for
their wind energy project. This new online tool allows users to predict the
energy output and environmental benefits of wind energy projects at sites across
the United States.

DSAT is powered by an extensive array of data and proven
algorithms. Cadmus utilized
high resolution wind maps, wind tunnel testing, computational fluid dynamics
(CFD) modeling, and real-world wind resource and turbine performance data to
predict the performance of distributed wind energy projects.

DSAT is developed jointly
by Cadmus, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and Encraft. The United
States Department of Energy’s Wind Powering America Program provided fund for
the development program.

“DSAT represents a step forward for the wind industry.
Now those considering the installation of a wind energy project have an
objective and powerful tool to help them make an informed decision,” said Keith
Bennett, Renewable Energy Project Manager at the U.S. Department of Energy.

Cadmus recently completed the acquisition of
Constructive Technologies Group (CTG). CTG comprises a pair of consulting
firms: CTG Energetics, which focuses on sustainability and energy efficiency in
buildings and communities, and CTG Forensics, which applies building science to
projects to reduce risk or respond to failures.

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