Clenergen to partner with Niskibi Power to supply 1,000 MW renewable energy

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Clenergen to partner with Niskibi Power to supply 1,000 MW renewable energy

Greentech Lead America: Clenergen Corporation has signed
an agreement with Niskibi Power Corporation (NPC) to supply up to 1,000 MW of
renewable energy in association with the First Nations communities in Ontario
and elsewhere in Canada.

Clenergen said that the joint venture will capitalize on
Clenergen’s relationships with biomass gasification and wind turbine makers to
supply power generation equipment below going North American market prices.

While engaged in the co-development of biomass, wind and
hydro power generation in remote First Nations communities, Niskibi has focused
its business efforts on finding power solutions that not only reduce cost, but
also provide downstream commercial opportunities.

NPC is evaluating modular LNG power solutions as a cost
effective alternative to diesel generated power plants in remote coastal
regions of Canada. NPC’s modular LNG solutions could drive considerable costs
savings, as well reductions in both CO2 and SO2 emissions regions.

Clenergen’s ability to offer off-grid electricity using
small biomass gasification power plants ranging in capacity from 250 KW to 2 MW
offers the potential to generate economic growth in First Nations regions as
communities transition to energy self sufficiency.

The joint venture will focus on sites that can be
smoothly connected to the national grid, which generate either hydro or wind
electricity, and can provide opportunity for commercial scale (minimum 30 MW)

Biomass will be produced by growing Miscanthus grass that
has been cloned to adapt to the Canadian climate, averaging 17 tons per acre,
with a life expectancy estimated at 17 years.

“We are beginning to generate the new business
opportunities and revenue streams that are the result of our decision to
restructure and diversify our interests in clean energy. This agreement with
NPC provides the platform for our company to exploit the North American
marketplace for renewable energy and capitalize on our past experience and
exclusive commercial relationships developed in the emerging markets,”
Mark Quinn, chief executive officer of Clenergen.

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