DTE Energy offer cash incentives to buyers of energy efficient lighting technologies

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DTE Energy offer cash incentives to buyers of energy efficient lighting technologies

Greentech Lead America: DTE Energy, a
diversified energy company, is offering special cash incentives to
business owners who invest in new energy efficient lighting technologies as
part of company’s Energy Efficiency Program for Business.

The Energy Efficiency Program for Business aims to help
DTE Energy customers save money by using less energy. The program offers
customers an array of energy efficiency ideas and incentives.

Customers can earn incentives if they make improvements
from a list of qualified efficiency upgrades for both gas and electric
technologies, including energy-efficient lighting, drives, controls, heating
ventilation and air conditioning and more.

DTE Energy offers cash incentives to businesses that
convert T12 fluorescent lights to high performance or low wattage-high
performance T8 lamps and electronic ballasts. U.S. Department of Energy
legislation calls upon importers and manufacturers of the commonly found
fluorescent lights to stop making those

“We want to help our customers cover a portion of
the investment needed to upgrade to the latest energy efficient technology. By
retrofitting their outdated lights now, businesses can not only take advantage
of the incentives that will likely be discontinued, but they will also avoid
increased costs of replacing those lights in the future,” said Bill
Clemens, manager of energy efficiency program for DTE Energy.

GE to supply 137 of its 1.6-100 wind turbines to DTE

Recently, GE announced that it will supply 137 wind
turbines to DTE Energy, for wind projects in Lower Michigan. With a total
capacity of 220 megawatts of clean energy, the projects support Michigan’s
renewable portfolio standard (RPS), which mandates the state to produce 10
percent of its power from renewable sources by 2015.

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