Ford enlists four US dealerships for clean energy facility

Ford HQ

Ford is planning to adapt alternative energy with a massive solar panel installation at its Dearborn, Michigan headquarters, reports Daily Tech.

In addition, the company has entered into a partnership with Wind Energy which will supply its Windy System to four Ford dealerships in the U.S, two in California, one in Michigan, and one in New York.

The Windy System consists of an efficient wind sail to capture wind energy along with a 7-kW solar array.

Each Windy System is capable of delivering 20,000 kW of electricity per year, sufficient for two houses or fully charge a Focus Electric 870 times.

Ford Headquarters Michigan ~
Ford Headquarters Michigan ~

In addition, one Windy System is enough for offseting 14 tons of greenhouse gas per year.

For dealership purpose, the Windy Systems will be used to help supply power to buildings, overhead lights and electric vehicle/plug-in hybrid recharging stations.

This is yet another innovative tool to help Ford and its dealers address a global sustainability challenge, said John Felice, vice president, U.S. Marketing, Sales and Service, Ford.

The installation of the four Windy Systems will cost an estimated $750,000 and will begin early next year.

Ford hopes to have all four dealership up and running with augmented wind/solar power by spring 2015.

Sabeena Wahid

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