GE 2.5 series wind turbines surpass 2 gigawatts installed capacity worldwide

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GE 2.5 series wind turbines surpass 2 gigawatts installed capacity worldwide

Greentech Lead America: GE said its advanced technology
2.5 series wind turbines have surpassed 2 gigawatts of installed capacity

The achievement is enough to power approximately 1.4
million European households.

GE announced this milestone at the European Wind Energy
Association’s EWEA 2012 in Copenhagen.

By the end of the year, more than 2,000 GE wind turbines with a 100+ meter
rotor will be operating in 15 countries worldwide, including 12 in Europe.
Nearly 1,000 of these turbines will be multi-megawatt 2.5 series machines.

The 2.5 technology has been selected for two of the world’s largest wind
projects: the 845-megawatt Shepherds Flat wind farm in Oregon, the first use of
the 2.5 technology in the United States; and CEZ Romania’s 600-megawatt
Fantanele wind farm, Europe’s largest onshore wind project.

The 2.5 series includes the 2.3-94, 2.5-88, 2.5-100, 2.75-100 and 2.75-103
models, offering high efficiency and reliability for a broad range of wind

GE claims that the 2.5 family is built on the proven
performance of GE’s 1.5 wind turbine, the most widely deployed machine in the
wind industry with more than 16,500 units installed worldwide.

“The 2.5 is a proven product, established in Europe and now creating a global footprint.
It is a valuable part of our technology portfolio, which we are constantly
investing in to meet the changing needs of our customers worldwide,” said Vic
Abate, vice president of renewable energy at GE.

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