Gearbox Express opens new wind gearbox remanufacturing facility in Wisconsin

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Gearbox Express opens new wind gearbox remanufacturing facility in Wisconsin

By Greentech Lead
: Gearbox Express (GBX), a wind gearbox remanufacturing company
in North America has opened its new 43,000 square-foot facility in Mukwonago,

Gearbox Express remanufactures wind
gearboxes to the latest revision level and then conducts a rigorous load test
on its regenerative test stand. The test stand is a critical component of its
business model and was the largest focus for investment. GBX also keeps an
inventory of remanufactured gearboxes in its GBXchange program to allow for
immediate swap-outs of gearboxes when they’re being removed from the turbine.

While GBX understands the overall tone of the wind energy industry is considered flat, they’re
confident that by helping develop the aftermarket infrastructure, they’ll
impact both job growth and the economy. The new facility is expected to host
100 employees.

“There are more than 26,000 active turbines in the
United States and it’s a fact that the gearboxes will need replacing during
their lifetime. The wind farm owners want their investments to keep running so
there’s a tremendous opportunity for us to help protect and manage their
assets,” said Bruce Neumiller, CEO of Gearbox Express.  

The three wind industry vets that started GBX succeeded in
attracting millions of dollars of investment capital along with a $3.4 million
low interest, revolving loan from the Wisconsin State Energy Program.

“Our careful industry analysis work shows a clear need
for an advanced company providing dedicated gearing, bearing and gearbox
expertise. And there is a critical need for one that uses the very best
equipment and parts. That is where Gearbox Express comes in,” added

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