Havfram and RWE Join Forces for Massive Wind Energy Project in Germany

By Editor


Havfram and RWE announced their final deal involving the transportation and setting up of turbines for RWE’s Nordseecluster initiative.

RWE’s Nordseecluster initiative combines four wind farm sites in the eastern part of the German North Sea. These wind energy projects are anticipated to generate enough electricity to power approximately 1.6 million households across Germany.

Havfram Wind, under this contract, will oversee the transportation and installation of 104 Vestas offshore wind turbines, each capable of producing 15 megawatts of power. These turbines will be erected in two separate construction phases.

Havfram Wind plans to employ its cutting-edge Wind Turbine Installation Vessels for both phases. The installation of turbines for the initial two wind farms (Phase A) is scheduled to commence in 2026, while offshore construction works for Phase B are slated to start in 2028.

The Nordseecluster initiative is expected to come online by 2029, providing sustainable, green electricity to the equivalent of 1,600,000 German households annually.

Havfram Wind’s CEO, Even Larsen, expressed satisfaction with the agreement, stating, “RWE’s confidence in Havfram Wind for projects of this magnitude underscores our growing prominence in the industry.”

Sven Schulemann, RWE’s Managing Director for the Nordseecluster, emphasized the aim of achieving efficiency through scale and synergy across the development, construction, and operation phases of the four wind farms. He highlighted the significance of the agreement with Havfram Wind, covering all four projects and streamlining activities like procurement for enhanced effectiveness.

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