Hebei Longyuan plans 300 MW of wind project in China

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Hebei Longyuan Wind power plans to install 300 MW of wind project in Hebei province.

The company was designed by a joint venture between China Longyuan Power Group, Hebei Construction and Investment Group.

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Currently, the project is on the early stages of development. It is finding out proper locations for the installation of the wind turbines.

China’s renewable energy sector has attracted attention from the companies willing to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions under the seven operational pilot emissions trading schemes.

Workers paint wind turbine blades at a factory in China's Hebei province.
Workers paint wind turbine blades at a factory in China’s Hebei province.

With the help of seven jurisdictions, these companies can purchase a set maximum percentage of their compliance instruments from renewable energy and emissions-offsetting projects located across China.

Hebei however is facing increasing air pollution issue. The province includes 7 or more of the top 10 polluted cities in China.

During the recently held APEC meeting in Beijing, around 881 projects were asked to stop operations to reduce air pollution. The provincial government had to take rigorous actions to check air pollution.

A large iron and steel plant had to be relocated out of the city to a remote location and the Hebei provincial government aims to relocate 123 heavy polluting companies by 2017.

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The government is also working to improve the energy efficiency of energy-intensive industries in the province.

In 2011, the Asian Development Bank completed the payment of a $100 million loan to companies in Hebei for implementing energy efficiency projects.

China has a booming wind energy sector with the highest installed capacity in the world and the country plans to add an additional 100 GW capacity by the end of this decade.

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