Hitachi affiliate to build a wind power plant in north-eastern Japan

Hitachi said that a Tokyo-based affiliate, will build a wind power plant in the north-eastern Japan city of Akita.

Hitachi Wind Power will build a wind turbine with a capacity of 2,000 KW, equivalent to annual electricity consumption at 1,600 homes, on Akita prefectural government land.

Japan has not seen any appreciable development in wind power in the past few years despite the feed-in tariff system designed to boost renewable energy.

After the Fukushima nuclear tragedy, Japan is burning more coal and natural gas even though they have the potential to develop clean energy.

Hitachi is using advanced technology and products to deliver wind power generation like wind power generator and electric converter.

Hitachi provides total system deployment, from power generation devices to control systems stabilizing power transmission and distribution networks.

Hitachi has developed downwind types of wind power generation systems, which suit the topography of Japan, with its many mountains and hills.

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