Inox Wind to invest Rs. 300 cr in Indian wind portfolio

Inox Wind has chalked out plans for making huge investments in Madhya Pradesh of India.

Inox Wind plans to investment more than Rs. 300 crore in setting up wind energy equipment plant in Barwani district.

The state government is showing interest to develop various industrial hubs where large areas of land are available.

Inox Wind is a fully integrated wind energy market player. It has manufacturing plants at Ahmedabad for blades and tubular towers. The hubs and nacelles are manufactured at Himachal Pradesh.

Inox Wind will establish another facility for manufacturing blades and other equipment in industrial area of Barwani district. The two projects can together generate more than 1,500 jobs in the area.

Officials representing the company had taken part in the recently held Global Investors Summit in Indore and were in touch with the state government after the summit and have now been allocated the land.

The construction work will begin in some time as the basic infrastructure work such as electrification is still underway and the infrastructure work is expected to be completed while the companies receive approvals and permissions.

Sabeena Wahid
[email protected]