Mass Megawatts’ Wind Augmentation System provides a three-fold increase in power output

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By Greentech Lead America: Mass
Megawatts Wind Power announced that its patented wind augmentation technology
helps wind turbines achieve a three-fold increase in power output.

Mass Megawatts’ wind augmentation system increases the wind velocity directed
at the turbine by an average of 70 percent by using an uncomplicated and
inexpensive wind-focusing technique. This accelerated wind speed, in turn,
results in a significant, three-fold increase in the electrical power generated
by the turbine.

Company’s augmentation system eliminates the need for turbine structures to
exceed a height of 80 feet to realize adequate wind velocity. This reduces
material and installation costs while expediting zoning approval in many
locations. The augmenter technology also enables turbines to
operate profitably in lower wind-speed locations.

horizontal or propeller type turbine blades, the cost per rated kilowatt is
projected to be $1000 and anticipated to approach $600 in mass production. This
compares very favorably with traditional wind power systems that realize a cost
of $1500 to $2000 per rated kilowatt.

Megawatts Wind Power delivers wind-powered water pump system in Colorado

Mass Megawatts Wind Power delivered a larger wind-powered, water pump system in
Colorado. The company said Mass Megawatts water pump system provides a low-cost
solution for water delivery applications commonly needed on farms.

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