Nordex signs major wind turbine contract in Turkey

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Nordex has signed a contract with Kale Enerji to supply turbines for the 21.6MW Dilek Res wind farm in Turkey, reports re news.

Under the deal, Nordex will provide nine N117 2.4MW turbines. The contract also includes a five-year service agreement.

The deal also has the provision for another turbine for the wind farm.

The consignment delivery is scheduled for the summer of 2015 to Kahramanmaras site in south-east Anatolia, Turkey.

The site features average wind speeds of 6.8 m/s, and the N117/2400 turbine is specifically designed to operate under such light wind speed conditions.


The company has established a firm customer base in Turkey comprising power producers, industrial enterprises and developers, commented Lars Bondo Krogsgaard, board member, Nordex.

Wind power in Turkey is expanding mainly in the Aegean and Marmara regions. At present, Turkey has about 3 GW of installed capacity and the government has kept a target of increasing the capacity 20 times by 2020.

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Three days ago, Nordex signed another contract with Wpd to install 12 N117/3000 turbines for the Jokela project in West Finland.

The construction is due to begin in 2015 and the service contract period is for 15 years.

Previously, Wpd has ordered 11 Nordex N117/3000 turbines for its Makikangas wind farm, located near the Jokela.

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