Power Climber Wind unveils 360 deg blade access platform

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Power Climber Wind unveils 360 deg blade access platform

Greentech Lead America: Power Climber Wind, a division of
SafeWorks, has unveiled the first CE-compliant 360 deg blade access platform

The new solution is aimed simplifying wind turbine blade
and tower maintenance work for O&M providers, blade contractors and wind
plant owners. The company claims that the CE approved 360 deg blade access
platform is compatible with all major wind turbine manufacturers.

The CE 360 deg platform’s solid connection to the tower
and ability to easily reposition provide a stable working deck without
requiring counterweights, improving workers’ confidence and productivity. Its
unique design easily adapts to various blade profiles and can be conveniently
converted to larger blade openings.

“Known for our innovative solutions in 65 years of
working closely with owners and contractors, we understand that wind farm
owners and operators share common problems worldwide. Achieving simple,
practical, safe and cost-effective access is critical. The modular platform
solution solves this problem with a proven product, that is cost-effective and
above all — easily deployed to the site,” said Ruben Bake, vice president
& general manager, Power Climber Wind.

The CE 360 deg platform is modular, stable, fast to
install, and easily configured to also meet tower access work needs with minor
changes to components. Its small footprint makes it easy to transport by
fitting inside a standard work truck, reducing the total mobilization cost.

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