RNRG sells LiDAR devices to Uruguayan company VENTUS

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US-based Renewable NRG Systems (RNRG) has announced sale of WINDCUBE v2, a light detection and ranging (LiDAR) device to Uruguayan company VENTUS.

RNRG designs and manufactures decision support tools for the renewable energy industry; VENTUS is a wind energy engineering consultancy.

The website of RNRG describes WINDCUBE v2 as a remote sensing wind measurement device that “uses pulsed Doppler Lidar technology to provide high quality data on par with an IEC calibrated met mast”.

The product is marketed by French firm LEOSPHERE and there are more than 400 WINDCUBE Lidars in operation globally, the website adds.


According to a statement issued by RNRG, VENTUS will be using WINDCUBE v2 to assess wind resources, verify power curves, and to optimize wind farm operations across Latin America.

Owing to its light and compact build, which makes it portable, WINDCUBE v2 can be deployed with ease for collection of bankable data without special permits. It can also operate in any climate and terrain, the company claims.

The latest sale highlights the growing interest wind-resources-rich Latin America has in LiDAR technology. LiDAR is known for its precision, reliability and ease of deployment.

According to Global Wind Energy Council, Uruguay can install 2 GW of wind power by 2020. The country may achieve, or even overshoot, the target easily if the Uruguay–Brazil transmission line becomes operational.

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