RWE Adds 20th Onshore Wind Farm to Expanding Polish Renewable Portfolio

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RWE, a major player in renewable energy, marks another milestone in its Polish venture with the launch of the Znin wind farm. Situated in Kujawsko-Pomorskie, approximately 260 kilometers east of Szczecin, this new addition signifies RWE’s 20th operational onshore wind farm in Poland, boasting an impressive installed capacity of 48 megawatts (MW).

In 17 months, RWE’s onshore team accomplished the erection of all 16 wind turbines, now propelling their rotor blades. Each turbine, with a rated output of 3 MW, contributes substantially to the green energy supply, fulfilling the annual electricity demands of up to 77,000 Polish households.

Prior to construction, RWE secured a 15-year bilateral contract for difference (CfD) with the Polish government, safeguarding the company against market price fluctuations while offering consumers protection from escalating prices.

“The commissioning of our 20th wind farm showcases RWE’s consistent growth in Poland, a core market for us. Our focus extends across various renewable technologies, including substantial expansion in photovoltaics,” Katja Wunschel, CEO of RWE Renewables Europe & Australia, said.

RWE, globally recognized for its renewable energy projects, fortifies its presence in Poland by surpassing an installed onshore capacity of 540 MW with the addition of Znin.

The RWE team in Poland, currently comprising approximately 200 members, anticipates continued growth and expansion.

In 2022, RWE commissioned its 16th Rozdrazew wind farm with a capacity of 16.8 MW. After fourteen months of construction, the seven turbines generate enough green power to meet the needs of more than 27,000 Polish households.

In western Poland, about 100 kilometers from Szczecin, in the municipality of Mieszkowice, RWE is building another wind farm: two wind turbines will produce enough green energy to meet the annual electricity needs of another 8,800 households. The Polish government has signed a 15-year CfD with the company for the 7 MW Wierzchlas project.

In addition to the Wierzchlas wind farm, the Dolice (48 MW) and Lech Nowy Staw III (12 MW) wind farms are also awaiting permits. RWE is diversifying its Polish renewable energy portfolio by investing in photovoltaic projects.

RWE is also active in the offshore sector in Poland. The company is in preparation for the construction of the 350 MW F.E.W. Baltic II project and has submitted applications for new permits in the Baltic Sea.

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