RWE Boosts Wind Power Generation with Modernization of Two Wind Farms

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RWE will modernise wind farms in Salzgitter and Peine districts as RWE and its partners are set to replace 17 older wind turbines with 11 new, more efficient ones over the next few weeks. This modernization effort aims to significantly increase electricity production despite a reduction in the number of turbines.

RWE says the larger rotor blades of the turbines are designed to capture more wind energy, ensuring continuous green electricity generation even during low wind conditions. As a result, the total capacity of the wind farms will surge from 30.6 to 61.8 megawatts (MW).

In Lesse, RWE will replace eleven turbines of the oldest generation (total capacity 19.8 MW) with eight modern turbines with a total capacity of 44.7 MW.

In Barbecke, RWE will replace six existing wind turbines (total capacity 10.8 MW) with three turbines with an installed capacity of 5.7 MW each (total capacity 17.1 MW). The team has started to set up the construction site and carry out initial road works.

“43,500 households stand to benefit from the green electricity generated by these wind farms,” Katja Wunschel, CEO of RWE Renewables Europe & Australia, said.

Additionally, RWE has committed to supporting local communities by voluntarily providing a climate bonus of 0.2 cents per kilowatt hour produced. This bonus is expected to generate an annual income of up to €280,000 for municipalities in the region.

RWE’s decision to focus on established wind sites in Lesse and Barbecke was due to the favorable local conditions, including ample distance from nearby settlements and favorable wind patterns.

Project manager Jens Meyer emphasized the logistical challenges inherent in such repowering projects, noting the need to maintain the old turbines’ connection to the grid while simultaneously erecting new ones.

The benefits of wind power extend beyond electricity generation, with RWE’s involvement in approximately 90 onshore wind farms in Germany emphasizing the importance of community engagement in renewable energy projects. By offering municipalities a share of the profits generated by wind farms, RWE aims to foster local acceptance and support.

In Lesse and Barbecke, the repowering efforts are expected to triple electricity production, resulting in a substantial increase in revenue for the respective municipalities. Municipalities can expect to receive up to €280,000 per year of wind farm operation, up from up to €80,000.

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