RWE Secures Dual Wins in Onshore Wind Farm Auction in Germany

RWE wind power partner

RWE has won deals for two projects in the latest auction by Germany’s Federal Network Agency for onshore wind farms.

The energy giant is poised to construct and oversee operations for an additional wind farm in North Rhine-Westphalia, alongside another in Schleswig-Holstein, RWE said in a news statement.

Anticipated to be operational by 2025, these combined projects comprising ten wind turbines are projected to yield ample green electricity, catering to an approximate equivalent of 42,000 households, as highlighted by Katja Wunschel, CEO of RWE Renewables Europe & Australia.

Aldenhoven Wind Farm to Spearhead Rhenish Mining Area Expansion

RWE’s upcoming Aldenhoven wind farm is slated to take shape on revitalized territories within the Inden open-cast mine in western Germany. Boasting a collective capacity of 34.2 megawatts (MW), the six wind turbines are expected to generate sufficient renewable energy, catering to roughly 24,000 households annually post its scheduled launch in 2025. Commencing groundwork as early as the first quarter of 2024, RWE’s team is set to initiate road construction and establish the groundwork for the site.

Lasbek Wind Farm Repowering Endeavor in Northern Germany

Positioned within the Hamburg metropolitan region, RWE’s Lasbek wind farm will undergo a transformative repowering initiative. The company plans to dismantle the existing six turbines, totaling 10.8 MW in capacity, and replace them with four more potent turbines.

Utilizing their expertise garnered from similar repowering projects, RWE’s planners have strategized the construction commencement for the winter of 2024/2025, ensuring the existing turbines remain connected to the grid for optimal utilization. Upon completion, the revamped wind farm will boast a capacity of 22.8 MW, contributing green energy to the equivalent of around 18,000 households.

Pioneering Investment in Energy Transition

RWE’s robust presence encompasses approximately 90 onshore wind farms in Germany alone, with an ambitious plan to funnel around €11 billion net into green generation capacities over the forthcoming seven years.