Sauer Energy adds new commercial mount system to Helix wind turbine

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Sauer Energy adds new commercial mount system to Helix wind turbine

Greentech Lead America: Sauer Energy, a developer of the
patented WindCharger brand vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT) and manufacturer
of the patented Helix vertical axis wind turbine, has introduced a new
commercial mounting system designed to address commercial applications for its
recently acquired Helix wind turbine.

Sauer Energy has featured the mounting system in a
stunning display at its corporate headquarters along with its two complementary

The new mounts for Helix are a proprietary design for
adapting to the side of commercial buildings and represent an alternative to
the pole mounts without the need to use only at the top of existing buildings.
This flexibility widens the vast market of commercialization.

“Being an example will make a positive
impression. Our products can impact people’s lives. Taking advantage
of renewable energy will not only help the planet, but it is a constant
reminder that the individual has the power to be a solution and make a
difference,” said Dieter Sauer, CEO and president of Sauer Energy.

Sauer and Helix turbines were developed to produce a
quiet and low-impact technology with a high output of sustainable renewable
energy. The focus of the WindCharger and Helix turbines has centered on
patented disruptive technology, minimum impact on the environment, mounting
flexibility and versatility with highly efficient output, the company said.

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