Sauer Energy to develop Community Wind Project for large scale renewable energy deployments

Sauer Energy to develop Community Wind Project for large scale renewable energy deployments

Greentech Lead America: Sauer Energy, which
develops home and enterprise scale vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT) systems,
is developing Community Wind projects featuring its wind turbine products.

The project will bring more economical ways to generate
power on a large scale in local communities.

The concept is to generate energy from a strategically
placed cluster of turbines in a low wind area while remaining close to an
existing grid.

A Community Wind Project is an asset that can be owned by
an individual or a small local group. A Project can contain a few units or a
considerable number of units which can affect the amount of energy generated.

“Sauer Energy will be accelerating the early adoption
of wind energy with technical approaches to low wind areas,” said Dieter Sauer,
CEO and President of
. “Community Wind Projects come at a critical stage for
local municipalities to meet future demand, secure jobs and present the
potential for the spirit of free enterprise to prosper. We are working
relentlessly to bring this opportunity to market in the near future.”

Utility companies are mandated to produce electricity by
renewable means. Sauer Energy intends to provide a more compact and more easily
affordable alternative, on a commercial scale, that can be privately owned and
placed closer to the areas where more energy is consumed with less of a loss
due to distance between the power producer and the grid.

The project will benefit utility companies greatly as it
allows them to purchase the energy generated to meet their quotas or by
offsetting usage. Private owners can benefit by utilizing the energy generated
or by selling it to the utility company.

The Community Wind Project not only offers a source of
clean energy that displaces CO2 emissions  but also provides
environmentally friendly, energy independence and protection from the volatile
prices of fossil fuels. It can transform rural or urban land into a revenue
stream and foster hope for the future by expanding entrepreneurial ingenuity.

Sauer Energy  is known for its WindCharger that
provides a better solution for the use of wind capture for residential or small
building use.  

WindCharger generates power at as little as 5-mph (2.2
m/s). With its compact size, WindCharger is suitable for residential and
commercial roof tops as well as large scale commercial power farms and new
unconventional locations such as communication and utility tower locations.

Sauer Energy to select distributors for WindCharger
Turbine in North America

Recently Sauer Energy said it is set to sign its first 25
regional distributor partners for sales and installations for its WindCharger
Vertical-Axis Wind Turbine in North America. 

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