Scotland approves mega wind projects

Scotland has approved two wind farms, capable of producing a combined capacity of 581MW.

The first project will be an extension to the existing Clyde wind farm in Abington that has a generation capacity of 171MW. After extension, the generation capacity will escalate to 512MW. The power produced will be enough to meet the demands of approximately 76,000 homes.

This extension project will produce an estimated 189,000 ton of carbon savings per year. A contribution of around £20 million is expected over a 25 year operating period, in addition to the £33 million existing already.

The second approved project, Dersalloch wind farm, with a generating capacity of 69 MW will be set up in South Ayrshire. The power will be sufficient to meet the demands of 32,500 homes. The carbon savings produced is estimated to be between 70,175 -88,369 tons per year.

Dersalloch wind farm will provide 120 temporary jobs during construction. It will also deliver a community benefits package of £8.5 million in a 25 year operational period.

These two wind farms will create more local job opportunities and once operational the wind farms will save tons of carbon each year. The wind farms are capable of producing enough electricity to power thousands of homes, said concerned officials.

The Dersalloch wind farm together with Clyde Extension will produce around £28.8millions in total.

In addition, the community packages offered by both developers will prove to be a benefit to the local communities.
At a time of increased power demand, Scotland continues to support UK’s electricity sector by providing ample share of renewable energy.

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