SENSEWind to use innovative SENSE installation system for wind turbine in Scotland

By Editor


UK-based SENSEWind plans to construct a 6 MW wind turbine in Scotland using its innovative SENSE installation system.

SENSEWind aims to demonstrate the self-installation of their new modular, tripod tower as well as a scaled-up version of their 2MW turbine installation system.

The 6 MW SENSEWind demonstration project, with its tower design, solves one of the wind industry’s greatest challenges in the coming decades – how to economically transport and build large turbines with tall towers on remote sites.

The project, scheduled for construction in 2027 at Muirhall Energy’s Tormywheel Wind Farm, will follow the installation of their 2 MW demonstrator planned for the first half of 2025, also at Tormywheel.

SENSEWind Chair Julian Brown said: “The new modular tower allows for cost-effective self-installation and leverages proven materials and methods from the oil & gas industry.”

The tripod tower with its integrated rail system promises notable cost reductions. It is manufacture by standard steel pipe widely used in the oil and gas industry. Pipe connectors supplied by Aberdeen-based GMC are used to join the tower sections during installation, doing away with flange connections and eliminating costly regular inspection and maintenance of tower bolted joints.

“By solving the tower logistical and cost challenge, we see the SENSE solution being used on tall-tower onshore wind projects, as well as on fixed-bottom offshore wind projects as a competitive alternative to extra-large monopiles. The design is also integrated into the structure of many of the leading floating foundation concepts,” Julian Brown said.

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