Shanghai Electric Announces Floating Wind Project for Longyuan Power Group China

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Shanghai Electric Wind Power Group, a subsidiary of Shanghai Electric, has achieved a groundbreaking milestone in the realm of renewable energy by completing the world’s first maritime renewable energy project that seamlessly combines deep-sea floating wind energy and aquaculture in China.

Developed in collaboration with Longyuan Power Group, this innovative initiative ushers in a new era of sustainable and green renewable solutions, aimed at reducing carbon emissions and spurring economic growth.

Situated within the National Marine Ranching Demonstration Zone on Nanri Island, nestled in the scenic landscape of Putian, Fujian Province, China, this visionary project boasts several key components. It revolves around three-column semi-submersible floating platforms, with each platform providing crucial support for a 4 MW offshore wind turbine. Moreover, lightweight and flexible solar modules are strategically installed in the area, capitalizing on the abundant solar resources available. What truly sets this project apart is the hexagonal space within the platform’s central area, ingeniously designated for fish farming.

Once fully operational, this pioneering mixed energy project will have the remarkable capacity to generate a staggering 96,000 kWh of electricity each day at full throttle. To put this into perspective, it’s equivalent to the daily energy consumption of approximately 42,500 individuals. The harmonious fusion of wind power, photovoltaics, and aquaculture not only serves as a testament to human ingenuity but also underscores the potential for environmental sustainability and economic prosperity.

Safety has been a paramount concern throughout the project’s development. Shanghai Electric Wind Power Group has employed a comprehensive and multi-faceted approach to ensure the reliability of the project over its entire lifecycle. From the preliminary design phase, the company established an integrated model that underwent rigorous confirmation through a series of meticulous consistency analyses. This commitment to safety extends to simulation result comparisons across various platforms and the collaborative development of control algorithms with DVN, further bolstering the project’s safety and reliability.

The project underwent an exhaustive battery of tests across nearly 200 operational conditions, including a 1:40 scale model specifically designed for assessing the fishing pond. Shanghai Electric Wind Power Group also designed and implemented a custom-built intelligent terminal system for floating wind turbines, a technological advancement that not only enhances reliability but ensures the safe and uninterrupted operation of the turbines while optimizing wind utilization.

With the successful completion of this innovative maritime renewable energy project, Shanghai Electric Wind Power Group, in partnership with Longyuan Power Group, has set an inspiring example for the renewable energy industry. By seamlessly integrating wind power, photovoltaics, and aquaculture, they have not only pushed the boundaries of what’s possible in clean energy but have also demonstrated a commitment to sustainable, eco-friendly solutions that can benefit both the environment and the economy.

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