Siemens signs turbine deal for Arkona wind farm

By Editor


Siemens on Monday bagged an order for supplying 60 direct-drive offshore wind turbines — with a capacity of six MW each from a consortium between the German power provider E.ON, and the Norwegian oil and gas company Statoil.

The company said the Arkona offshore wind farm’s capacity, when it comes online in 2019, will be sufficient to supply green electricity to up to 400,000 German households. E.ON will have responsibility for building and operating the wind farm.

Michael Hannibal, Offshore CEO of the Siemens Wind Power and Renewables Division, said: “This is the second offshore wind farm that we will be erecting for E.ON in German waters.”

Siemens said it has already supplied 80 wind turbines for the E.ON project Amrumbank West in the German North Sea. In December 2015, Siemens announced that it would deliver five wind turbines of the six MW class to Statoil´s Hywind Scotland project.

The technology company will build the Arkona offshore wind power plant around 35 kilometers north-east of the island of Rügen. Siemens will errect 60 wind turbines on monopile foundations in ocean depths of between 23 to 37 meters — over an area of approximately 40 square kilometers.

The company will begin the installation of the offshore wind turbines in the summer of 2018. Siemens and E.ON, which will be responsible for servicing and maintenance of the wind farm, will take care round-the-clock remote monitoring of the wind turbines from the Siemens Remote Diagnostics Center in Brande, Denmark.

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