Texas cooperatives sign up for Oklahoma Wind Energy

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Apex Clean Energy has acquired renewable energy purchase agreements with two Texas-based electric firms for wind production output from an Oklahoma plant.

Apex has secured contracts with East Texas Electric Cooperative (ETEC) and Northeast Texas Electric Cooperative (NTEC) for 101.2 MW of wind energy production for Texas.

The 150 MW Grant Wind project plant in Oklahoma will become online in 2015.


ETEC and NTEC are expanding their energy mix that provides electric power to the member cooperatives, and this is the best approach to assure an affordable, reliable system for the members, says Edd Hargett, general manager, ETEC.

By adding wind power, additional renewable energy can be obtained to complement other sources now in use, he added.

Northern Oklahoma is a national leader in powering America’s wind energy needs. Just as Oklahoma is known for exporting its rich deposits of oil and natural gas for the benefit of energy independence and the economy, the state is also becoming known for its vast renewable energy resources, adds, Mark Goodwin, president, Apex.

Sabeena Wahid
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