TotalEnergies receives maritime concession for 3.5 GW offshore wind hub in Germany

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TotalEnergies, as shareholder of Offshore Wind One, has received the maritime concession N-11.2 from the German Federal Network Agency, following auctions held in Germany.

The maritime concession is for TotalEnergies’ 3.5 GW offshore wind hub in German North Sea. TotalEnergies will gain from the synergies between this new lease and the 2 GW concession N-12.1 won last year.

The project of Offshore Wind One is located in the North Sea, around 120 kilometers north-west of the German island of Heligoland. TotalEnergies said concession N-11.2 (1.5 GW) covers an area of around 156 square kilometers.

Offshore Wind One will pay €196 million to the German Federal government at the latest in June 2025, as part of the terms of this award. Germany will use this for marine conservation and the promotion of environmentally friendly fishing.

Offshore Wind One will also pay €88 million per year to the electricity transmission system operator in charge of connecting the project for 20 years starting from the commissioning of the site.

TotalEnergies said the concession will run for a term of 25 years, extendable to 35 years.

TotalEnergies earlier acquired Quadra Energy, one of the top three aggregators of renewable electricity production. TotalEnergies also acquired Kyon Energy, a developer of battery storage solutions in order to meet targets in Germany.

“Building upon the award of concession N-12.1 in the German North Sea last year, the award of the N-11.2 site will enable TotalEnergies to establish a 3.5 GW offshore wind energy hub, taking advantage of the development and operational synergies between them,” said Stephane Michel, President Gas Renewable and Power of TotalEnergies.

At the end of 2023, TotalEnergies’ gross renewable electricity generation installed capacity was 22 GW. TotalEnergies will continue to expand this business to reach 35 GW in 2025 and more than 100 TWh of net electricity production by 2030.

TotalEnergies’ portfolio in offshore wind has a total capacity of more than 16 GW, with most farms bottom-fixed. These projects are located in the United Kingdom (Seagreen, Outer Dowsing, West of Orkney, Erebus), South Korea (Bada), Taiwan (Yunlin, Haiding 2), France (Eolmed), the United States (Attentive Energy and Carolina Long Bay), and Germany (N-12.1 and 0-2.2).

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