Ukrainian Government approves new wind energy projects

wind farm in Ukraine

Ukrainian government has issued a new National Action Plan state decree for the development of wind energy which got approved by the country’s cabinet, reports Clean Technica.

The new goals include increasing wind energy capacity of the country up to 2.28 GW by 2020, attaining a 500 percent high from the current 410 MW.

The aim of the decree is to achieve self-sufficiency in renewable energy becoming less dependent on energy imports.

The total volume of investments, both foreign and domestic in renewables should reach UAH 60-70 billion ($3.5-4.3 billion) by this time, says, Sergey Savchuk, chairman, state agency for energy efficiency and energy saving, Ukraine.

wind farm in Ukraine
wind farm in Ukraine

The share of renewables in the country’s energy mix should reach 11 percent by 2020. This will allow Ukraine to reduce the consumption of natural gas by about 50 percent, added Savchuk.

Currently, country is facing a challenge of meeting these targets with strong local sourcing requirements, which discourages foreign investment giving minimum chance for purchasing low-priced technologies. It is expected that soon the targets will be made more realistic.

Renewable energy is facing complications in the region and achieving these goals totally can never be ensured. It depends on many variables and obstructions like the Secretariat of the European Energy Community has already raised some objections.

However, more renewable energy provides energy security at lower costs, but achieving the goal will take considerable time.

Sabeena Wahid
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