Vestas invests in Salamander Quick Lift Crane Technology

By Editor


Vestas Ventures has invested in Swedish S&L Access Systems, a subsidiary of Stena AB, to utilize the Salamander Quick Lift Crane Technology to strengthen its position as a leader in sustainable energy solutions.

The commitment marks the second investment from Vestas Ventures in 2021. In February, Vestas Ventures made its first investment in wood-technology company Modvion.

S&L Access Systems has developed the Salamander Quick Lift Crane Technology featuring a new top crane technology enabling heavy lifts on hub heights well beyond 200 metres. The moveable platforms are less wind sensitive when conducting uptower works, and the crane requires a smaller pad.

The Salamander Quick Lift Crane Technology enables more cost-effective lifts of heavy components even at the highest hub heights when building, servicing, and maintaining wind turbines.

Reducing the number of trucks needed to bring in the installation crane by up to 75 percent as well as lowering total installation time, significant savings in CO2 emissions when compared to conventional cranes can be expected.

“By accelerating the market adoption of this high potential technology, we could reduce the cost of energy through reduced installation time, CO2 emissions and simplifying crane transportation, which contributes to maturing the industry in a more sustainable way,” said Bo Svoldgaard, Senior Vice President and Head of Innovation and Concepts at Vestas.

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