Vestas wins 310 MW order in three deals

By Editor


Vestas announced three major wins for wind parks, two in Greece and one in Mexico.

The first order is for an 88 MW wind park in Greece with a 20-year Active Output Management 4000 (AOM 4000) service agreement.

For this solution, Vestas will supply and install 21 V136-4.2 MW turbines equipped with Vestas Anti-Icing System to optimize performance in the sites’ specific climatic conditions. This solution will minimize the risk of icing on the turbine blades, maximizing energy production in cold climate conditions.

Turbine delivery is planned for the second quarter of 2020, whilst commissioning is planned for the second half of the same year.

The second order is from Volterra, which has placed a 54 MW order for 15 V117-3.45 MW wind turbines delivered in 3.6 MW Power Optimised Mode for two wind parks in the Viotia region.

This is Vestas’ third order in Greece this quarter, taking Vestas’ total order intake past 1.9 GW and its market share to more than 50 percent since installing the country’s first wind turbine in 1986.

In Mexico Vestas secured a 168 MW order for a wind park, for which it will supply and install 42 wind turbines of the 4 MW platform with V150 rotors. The order also includes an Active Output Management 5000 (AOM 5000) service agreement for the operation and maintenance of the wind park over the next five years.

The 73-metre long blades of the Vestas 150m rotors will be locally manufactured in the TPI Composites factory in Matamoros, which provides Vestas with blades for the increasing number of V136 and V150 orders that the company is receiving in Mexico and Latin America. The turbine towers will also be produced by local suppliers.

Vestas installed the first commercial wind turbine in Mexico in 1994. Since then, Vestas has accumulated over 2.3 GW of installed capacity or under construction in the country.

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