Winergy grabs product design award from Frost and Sullivan

Winergy wins the 2013 Global Frost & Sullivan award for product differentiation excellence.

Winergy’s HybridDrive drivetrain is a medium-speed one that consists of two gear stages and a generator.

The drivetrain with its high torque-to-weight ratio and lower length and mass decreases the cost of turbine installation for wind energy producing companies. It supports wind turbines with power ratings ranging from 3 -8 MW.

The length of the drivetrain can be reduced by 35 to 50 percent, according to customer needs. It can also decrease the weight of the drivetrain by 6 percent for smaller turbines and 10 percent for larger turbines.

The reduction in the length and mass provides various options to wind turbine manufacturers. At first it is placed on the transformer and the frequency converter at the top of the tower, along with the drivetrain.


Through this usage of a medium-voltage cable is enabled to transmit electricity from the turbine to the grid. It can also lower the cable loss during low-voltage transmission.

Another option is to place the frequency converter at the top of the tower and the transformer on the ground. Third option is an ultra-compact one wherein only the drivetrain is placed at the top of the tower, which is ideal for customers who need ease-of-logistics installation.

Users of these systems also have the freedom to use journal bearings instead of the standard anti-friction bearings available with competitors’ gearboxes. The first prototype of the wind turbine with the HybridDrive uses a single-bearing solution for the main shaft.

This customization provides customers with the opportunity to further decrease the cost and the space required to install the drivetrain. The design is compliant with the 2010 edition of GL Guideline for the Certification of Wind Turbines.

In addition, the higher torque-to-weight ratio is considered the best attainable value in practical conditions. The gearbox and generator provides a combined power transmission efficiency of 96.5 percent.

By decreasing the mass and increasing the torque-to-weight ratio of the drivetrain, HybridDrive has resolved the issue of the inverse correlation between ROIs and power capacities of a wind turbine, noted, Krishna Raman, research analyst, Frost & Sullivan.

Overall, Winergy’s contribution to the production of approximately 100 gigawatts of wind power is expected to enhance HybridDrive’s brand value, added Raman.

Frost & Sullivan gives this award to the company that has developed a product with unique features, functionality and high quality for customers every year.

The award appreciates the degree of the product’s customization and the fit for evolving market trends, which ultimately results in a strong brand perception of the product as being unique.

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